Final Draft ….born in 2005 is an attempt to understand the requirements of the individual and translate it into a spatial interaction ; an exploration of paths other than the normal ; an exercise to question the limits of design and evolve through the process to prove the initial burst of inspiration,which will always be a challenge!!
a creative journey crystalising from the madness of ideas to the ‘final draft”!
Since the last 18 years we are designing architectural and interior spaces in and outside Bangalore. Our projects include residential sector projects, corporate offices, hospitality, retail.
We offer design solutions including the initial concept ,estimation, detailed drawings & 3D views for architectural projects ,bill checking and supervision ;and interior solutions involving design layouts, estimates and execution of the interiors with civil and electrical and plumbing solutions.8

Who Am I ?


Kavita Pole, principal architect is the founder of Final Draft and is a designer and a visiting professor. Her forte is in conceptualizing and the evolving the ‘seed of an idea’. The connect between words and the visual is what intrigues her and she strives to see it in her works. She is an artist and dabbles in water colours, ink and charcoal and writes poetry. She is an avid reader and loves to cook new cuisines.




Internship: Edgar D’Mello Associates, Bangalore.

Worked: Architecture Paradigm Architects (2001-2004) Award winning Architects, worked as an associate for 3yrs, Residential G+12, Commercial Projects, BATF projects for Corporation .

Private Practice: Final Draft (2005)

Residential projects:

  • Villas, G+3 Multi-Dwelling for Builders, Housing, Residential Layout Designing,
  •  Commercial projects-Lancesoft Software (20,000 sq ft)
  • Capaleph Financial Consulting (5000 sq ft)

Retail Stores

  • Aditya Birla Retail Ltd – More Supermarkets all over 2008-2010
  • Purple Turtles Lighting and Lifestyle Store
  • Red Fork Restaurant, Indiranagar Bangalore
  • Victoria Terminus Tea Bar, Bangalore Central
  • Cafe Metanoia, Kothanur
  • Huddle Coffee.Co, Hennur

Institutional Projects

  • Beacon Baptist College, Hosur, Tamil Nadu
  • Karnataka Evangelistic Association
  • Christian Medical Association of India Office

Areas of expertise:

  • Design and conceptualization of ideas for architecture
  • Schematic presentation to clients
  • Detailing areas like finishes, colours, materials
  • Preparation of estimates, BOQ for vendors
  • Visualisation of internal spaces
  • Finalisation of contractors for execution
  • Negotiation with different vendors
  • Co-ordination of Consultants
  • Evaluation of product quality, supervision
  • Project Management